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Nearshore Providers

It has been over a year since the pandemic hit, and every day it seems to become more and more difficult to concentrate and get yourself out of bed. Every day you find yourself struggling to get the job done, always feeling you are not motivated enough, not doing enough, and hence not achieving enough. You are constantly tired, fatigued, and sleepy. Does this sound familiar? What you are experiencing is called Acedia, and, according to recent research, it is not just you.

What is Acedia?

Psychologist Gabriela Perozo (1), alumna at the New Lacanian School (NEL from its acronym…

As the talent offer becomes more scarce, outsourcing projects have become a common and even unavoidable practice for companies where technology plays a big role in their business, let’s be real that’s all companies nowadays. These companies are looking for very specific profiles that are difficult to meet with a fixed set of skills. Therefore, a common alternative is to delegate some components of the development process to a service provider, with the capacity to meet goals and deadlines.

There are two common outsourcing strategies: managed services and staff augmentation. Both of them offer the possibility to staff a project…

Nearshore Providers

We specialize on showcasing Nearshore firms that will help provide technology service at a cost-effective rate solving the talent shortage in North America.

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